NameAncient Rush 2
ReleaseMay 4th, 2018
GenreCasual / Breakout / 3D / Brick-Breaker / Story Telling
TypeSingle Player
Ancient Rush 2

Short Description

Ancient Rush 2 is a story telling brick braker set in a nordic fantasy world.


Old Legends surround the long forgotten kingdom of Ozolan. They tell stories about Chulua, the former Ruler of Ozolan, who is said to have buried himself in his own treasury, only using his bare hands. But after Ozolans fall, no one ever heard of the kingdom or it’s king ever again. Only the legends survived the time and remained until today.

To learn the truth about Ozolan and Chulua you embark on an epic journey into the midst of a mythical nordic fantasy world.

In this Brick-Breaker Game you accompany Runar on his adventure through Ozolan. Cast different spells for maximum damage and use skill points to enhance Runars strength and intelligence.

Experience his adventure in 10 scenes in a total of 50 levels.

Are you ready to follow the legend of Ozolan and reveal the secret surrounding Chuluas treasure?


Experience the whole story of Runar on his search for the treasure.


Cast spell to deal huge amounts of damage.


Spend skill points at the end of each level and decide between strength, intelligence or more total life


Gather achievements and become a legend.

Key Features

  • 3D brick breaker
  • classic game concept with a modern implementation
  • Complete Story
  • ten unique handcrafted scenes
  • a total of 50 level
  • multitude of achievements
  • authentic soundtrack and narrator
  • lots of items
  • high speed
  • high-quality graphics

“This is an RPG/Breakout game. If your into breakout games and even if your not, this might be the one to convert you, so you should check it out. We think it's great and recommend it.”
“Beautiful full 3D breakout game - classic concept, modern execution, great casual gaming experience, quite relaxed, but not boring, set in nordic dwarf world decorations”
“Ancient Rush 2 is a fascinating game that incorporates magic, role playing, and an arcade archetype in a great combination. Watch out for special abilities that pop up!“
"Overall a very impressive game to play. Graphics look nice, soundtrack fits well and the game quickly becomes addicting. May suffer from a rare crash but smooth otherwise."
Ancient Rush 2